Deciding to build or renovate is always a tough decision. Midland Custom Homes offers an unparalleled renovation for your home, commercial/historical building. Many think that they have to keep their house as-is or sell their home to get a new one. What they don’t know is that Midland Custom Homes can transform their current homes into a long-lasting dream home.

How do we do this? With our 30 years of experience, our expert renovators have created thousands of long-lasting renovations. Here’s our process: 

  • You’ll meet with one of our industry-leading architects to discuss what you’d like to have renovated. It doesn’t matter if it’s residential, commercial, or historical. Our architects have had experience in it all.
  • An industry-leading architect will put together a design that meets every one of your details.
  • One of our builders, that has extraordinary craftsmanship in renovations, will do a review of your current building.
  • They’ll start the renovation to the design specifications to make your building long-lasting.
  • Together, we’ll do a final review to make sure that we’ve covered everything.
  • You get to enjoy your unparalleled renovation.

Once completed, feel free to meet with one of our interior designers who can assist you with making your dream custom home even better.


Our happy customers love our designs and builds. See what they have to say:

Tom C.

“For years I’ve wanted to renovate my kitchen. Thanks to this company, I was able to make my dream a reality. Every morning I enjoy cooking in my new kitchen.”

Henrietta C.

“I’ve been lacking closet space for years. When I contacted Midland Custom Homes, they renovated my master bedroom and gave me what I wanted. Now I have so many places to put my shoes. I’m so happy!”

Mike. J.

“When it was time for me to renovate my bathroom, I’ve always wanted a jacuzzi bathtub. Thanks to these guys, I’m now able to enjoy one in the comfort of my own home. A definite recommend.”

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