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Having a pool during the summertime can make your custom home even more enjoyable. Midland Custom Homes is the top-rated pool builder Midland TX and has over 30 years of experience in designing and building pools. Our luxury pools have become timeless for thousands of homes. With various designs of these beautiful pools, our exceptional team makes sure that yours is budget-friendly and cost-effective. So you and your family can enjoy the summer more without worry.

Summer is always a special time of year. Schools are out, everyone stays outdoors, and you get quality time with your friends and family members. Adding a pool to your custom home lets you enjoy even more fun activities. Take a dip in the pool while your children splash around, or use it as a bit of workout equipment. You can swim and cool down, or even have it heated during the colder months to enjoy an indoor pool. Being the best pool builders Midland TX we create amazing pools for your home.

Helps Kids Become More Independent

One of the biggest benefits of having your own pool is that you get to let your children spend time outside without you worrying about them. You can give them a little bit of independence while still being able to control the environment they are in. When building your pool, you get to decide how big it is, what sort of features and toys are included, and where it is located. As the best swimming pool builders Midland TX, we make sure to consider all the safe and engaging parts of the pool building, especially for your kids.

Our custom pool builders in Midland TX have many different features that your children will enjoy. Spas, waterfalls, and slides are all great options for fun and interactive environments. You can even include a little pool house where kids can get changed or take small naps during the day. With a variety of options to choose from you’ll be sure to find something which fits your needs and preferences.

– Better for Your Health

Having a pool with exercise equipment is a great way for you to get moving during the day. You can swim, run on the treadmill, do pull-ups or muscle-ups, and even lift weights. Having an indoor pool also lets you spend time outside in all kinds of weather. While building your custom we as professional pool builders Midland TX make sure your pool is relaxing and provides you health benefits.

Spend your time with a pool instead of being on the couch and watching TV. Get fit by swimming laps or just relaxing in the water during the summertime.

Benefiting your health is one of the biggest reasons why you should add an indoor pool to your home. While doing any sort of exercise, you can burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health and feel great. Indoor pools are also great because they force you to get balance and maintain a strong core. You don’t need to be at the gym having a pool inside your home can still provide all of these benefits.

– Give your Guest a Royal Feel

Everyone wants to feel special when they come over to your home. Make your guests feel like royalty with a custom-designed pool in Midland. A pool design can make the front of your home truly stand out among others in the neighborhood. Are you looking for the best swimming pool contractors? we are here to help you.

– Pool Construction Process

Being professional pool builders Midland TX, we recommend that before you start building a custom pool, it is important that you have an idea of what you want it to look like. Do you want a pool that is all one style or many different styles together? What kinds of features do you want to have in your pool, such as waterfalls and slides? Getting answers to these questions before the construction process starts helps you get what you want and save money overall.

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We are professional pool builders in Midland TX with years of experience in custom pools designing. We create stunning, functional, and fun environments with any size pool. Midland Custom Homes has worked on all sorts of different swimming pools, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your home.

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At Midland Custom Homes, we feel that a personalized fountain can provide a prestigious feel to a home. Imagine walking onto your landscape, and you begin to hear the soothing sounds of a beautiful fountain. Our fountains can assist in creating a peaceful atmosphere for you and your family.


Along with a luxurious pool and personalized fountain comes the enjoyable delight of your very own garden. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to have a vegetable, flower, or an exceptional green garden that you can enjoy your morning coffee. A garden can make your house, commercial, or historical renovation even more enjoyable for you and your clients.


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“I’m so happy with my new pool. I’ve always wanted one, who knew it was so budget-friendly. Thanks to Midland Custom Homes and their cost-effective methods, my family enjoys our new pool.”

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“I’ve always wondered what a fountain would do for my home. When I had my first consultation with this company, they helped me realize that a fountain could raise my property value. Turns out they were right. It helped the value of my house so much that I don’t want to move. Thank you very much!”

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