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Here we specialize in designing and building dream homes.

Imagine waking up in your very own luxury custom home, with a personalized interior designed. Why would you want to settle with an ordinary style house, when you can have an exceptional custom home that matches your desire? 

We offer extraordinary craftsmanship in Midland, Texas. The dream homes at Midland Custom Homes start in the $300s. Our financing departments can assist you in making a budget-friendly decision. With these luxury homes, you receive a state-of-the-art estate with all the details that you’re looking for.

About Us

Midland Custom Homes have over 30 years of experience in building custom homes. This includes personalized landscaping and providing state-of-the-art smart home technology. Our team continues to be the industry-leaders in contemporary craftsmanship. But how did it start?

In the heart of the oil field industry is where Midland Custom Homes started. It began with the growing desire from the oil field workers wanting to experience luxury. The industry-leading architects, interior designers, and builders came together to build these homes.

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Our architects have over 30 years of experience. The designs from Midland Custom Homes are of the highest quality. One of our industry-leading architects will meet with you to discuss what you’d like to have in your personalized custom home. To find out more about our design service, click below.


After you’ve met with one of our architects, you’ll then meet with one of our expert builders who excel in their craftsmanship. Of course, if you already have an architect approved design that you’d like us to build off of, we’d more than happy to use those as well. You can rest assured that our contemporary craftsmen know how to build your custom dream home of the highest quality. Click below for more info.


Deciding to build or renovate is always a tough decision. Midland Custom Homes offers an unparalleled renovation for your home, commercial/historical building. Many think that they have to keep their house as-is or sell their home to get a new one. What they don’t know is that Midland Custom Homes can transform their current homes into a long-lasting dream home. Click below for more info.

Pools, Fountains & Gardens

Having a pool during the summertime can make your custom home even more enjoyable. Midland Custom Homes has over 30 years of experience in designing and building pools. Our luxury pools have become timeless for thousands of homes.

At Midland Custom Homes, we feel that a personalized fountain can provide a prestigious feel to a home. Imagine walking onto your landscape, and you begin to hear the soothing sounds of a beautiful fountain. Our fountains can assist in creating a peaceful atmosphere for you and your family. Click below for more info.

In-house Entertainment & Lighting Control System

In Midland, you never miss a football game. With a whole-house entertainment system, you will have a tremendous experience of watching your favorite sport with state-of-the-art technology. If you have a family, your children will enjoy inviting their friends over to an exceptional birthday party or sleepover. For more info, click below.

Home Security System

In today’s day and age, it’s important to keep you and your family safe. Our industry-leading home security system is second to none. It’s a state-of-the-art home security system that you can feel secure when you sleep at night. In addition, we include smart home technology to operate your home security system from your smart device. Click below for more info.

Highest Quality


Our happy customers love our designs and builds. See what they have to say:

Bill T.

“I’ve been wanting to keep my family safe for years, but couldn’t find the right system that was budget-friendly. After talking with Midland Custom Homes, they took care of setting up our Smart Home Technology. It’s AWESOME!!! I can be sure that my family and every one of my loved ones is safe and secure.”

Jaime C.

“Hi, Jamie here, I’m 16 and I’ve been bugging my parents to get an in-house entertainment system for years. Finally, after putting several hints around the house, I even left the brochures in the bathroom, they decided to call Midland Custom Homes. These guys were quick and gave us a state-of-the-art system. My friends are SOOOO jealous. Thanks for everything!!!”

Jim K.

“My kids have been bugging me to get a pool for years. The summers in West Texas are extremely hot. After my first consultation with Midland Custom Homes, I realized how budget-friendly they were. My family loves the pool and we’re planning our next BBQ for the weekend. You guys are AWESOME!”

Jasmine G.

“My husband and I were starting to get annoyed with how our cabinets look. After contacting Midland Custom Homes, they showed us their past renovations and we were sold. Their craftsmanship is of the highest quality. We’re even thinking about getting our landscape renovated next.”

Kelly F.

“My company was looking for builders to build our latest commercial building. Midland Custom Homes were able to take our extraordinary designs and make them a reality. Our employees love the new building and enjoy every bit of it.”

Kyle T.

“I’ve been wanting a custom dream home all my life. Finally, after I retired from the oil field, I wanted to get me one of those luxury homes that I heard so much about. After my first consultation, I was sold. The folks at Midland Custom Homes are excellent! They gave me my dream home of the highest quality.

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